How to progress through the story in Maneater

Get back on track to finish the story in Maneater.

Maneater gives you a basic concept of living a life as a bull shark, a deadly predator in the waters, and you not only attack wildlife but humans and the Hunters that come after you. There is a central progression in the game, and you have to follow a strict amount of checkpoints for each step in the story. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose track of what objectives you need to complete next.

When you find yourself lost and not being able to progress in the game, you can quickly reference your log to find out what you have to do next. The log is the second tab you can access in the in-game menu. There are nine different story objectives you need to work your way through.

Some of them require you to reach a particular lifecycle of your shark, and you may need to complete specific objectives in locations. Eventually, you have to fight a specific apex predator swimming through those waters. You can see each of the objectives in your log, making it significantly easier to figure out what you need to do next in Maneater. 

Once you complete the game, you can wander around to each of the unique regions to wrap up all of the collectibles and find them all. You can also defeat any of the Hunters you have left to unlock the remainder of the evolution mutations for your shark.