How to purchase upgrades for your Multi-tool on a Space Station in No Man’s Sky

Make your equipment even more useful.

Image via Hello Games

Your Multi-tool is your go-to item to do nearly everything in No Man’s Sky. You can modify and change it as you progress through the game, attuning it to fit your playstyle. It’s a science-fiction swiss army knife, ready to be used in almost any situation. Following the Origin’s update in No Man’s Sky, you can purchase your Multi-tool upgrades by visiting a Space Station.

You can find the available Multi-tool upgrades by speaking to the Technology Merchant on a Space Station. They should be right next to the other merchants, such as the Exosuit, Exocraft, and the Starship research merchant. The Multi-tool merchant offers a variety of upgrades for your Multi-tool for Nanites. Typically, you can find these upgrades in various abandoned locations, but the merchant streamlines the process and allows you to pick the upgrades you want on your tool.

The prices vary from 63 to 347 or so Nanites for each upgrade. It depends on the quality and level of the upgrade module. It’s a handy way to make sure you can have the tool you want and makes modifying it much easier. Make sure to visit the Multi-tool Technology Merchant whenever you want to alter your current loadout and forget to bring Nanites.

You can also add upgrade slots to your Multi-tool at a Multi-tool upgrade station. These are also available on space stations, and it’s a good way to funnel unwanted credits into your favorite tool options. Adding an upgrade slot and upgrading the class of the weapon costs various Credits and Nanites.