How to purify Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Here are the steps you need to take to cleanse that poor, shadowy Pokémon.

Boldore, Gurdurr, Karrablast, Shelmet Pokemon GO

Shadow Pokémon are poor, tormented souls that have been manipulated by Team Rocket for their nefarious goals. It’s your job to cleanse and purify the hatred in their little Poké-hearts.

Where to find Shadow Pokémon

Pokémon Go introduced Shadow Pokémon in July 2019. The update also introduced Team Go Rocket. Much like the regular Team Rocket, they’re not a big threat. They can be found lurking around Poké Stops, waiting to battle unsuspecting players that just want their items. 

Team Go Rocket members use Shadow Pokémon in battle. After battling a Team Go Rocket member, the player has a chance to capture one of the Pokémon used by that Rocket agent. 

As cool as Shadow Pokémon look, with their smokey effects and red eyes, they’re actually very weak. Their CP is low as a result of Team Go Rocket’s experimentation and manipulation. In order to make your new partner stronger, they will need to be purified.

Purifying is just like leveling up a Pokémon. Purification costs Stardust and Candy, approximately one Candy per thousand Stardust. If you have a lot of Shadow Pokémon you’re very likely to find yourself short on Stardust after a while. If you’re strapped for Stardust, check our full guide on Stardust for some tips.

Screengrabs via Niantic

How to purify Shadow Pokémon

  • Select the Shadow Pokémon to purify. There will be a pink “Purify” button with the cost of Stardust and Candy above the usual “Power Up” button. 
  • If you have the Stardust and Candy, press the button. You’ll be treated to a small cutscene with lots of glowing lights, similar to the one that plays when a Pokémon evolves.
  • Done, your Pokémon is now purified. 

Purified Pokémon will have a blue sparkle like symbol next to their icon. When looking at them, their sprite will have some extra glow and shine to it. 

There are a lot of Shadow Pokémon in the game and more are continuously being added over time for updates and events.