How to QB slide in Madden 22

Get down, get down.

Image via EA Sports

An effective QB slide is an important part of Madden, should you be someone that is not afraid to run with the quarterback. Slides are a critical part of the game, because if you attempt to run with the quarterback, there is a heightened risk of fumbling the football and turning it over to the other team. Generally speaking, QBs don’t have the same ball handling and control skills as compared to wide receivers and running backs.

So, how do you slide with the quarterback in Madden 22? Let’s go over what you need to do.

While in open space, you will want to tap X for Xbox, or Square for PlayStation. This should get the slide animation off, and ensure that you give yourself up.

We want to emphasize the open space part. The reason for this is because if you attempt to slide while a defender is directly in front or behind you, it becomes harder to get the animation off. This could lead to a defender hitting you nonetheless, which could cause a fumble.

To make sure that you successfully slide, just make sure that there is some space between the ball handler, which in this case, is the quarterback, and a defender. Do this, and things should be smooth sailing.