How to quickly complete the Paladins battle pass

Completing the Paladins battle pass fast is easy if you have a plan.

Paladins battle pass Freegle Drogoz

Since Hi-Rez restructured the Paladins progression system at the start of 2020, grinding out the battle pass has become a much more deliberate and manageable task. Prior to the change, completing the battle pass and securing all the shiny cosmetics was a matter of just that: grinding. You had to log in daily and put in hundreds of hours into the game to even hope to finish it, methodically completing any unlocked challenges to speed up the process.

The new system is easier to work with because all challenges are unlocked from the start. That makes completing the Paladins battle pass a matter of planning, and there’s a simple way to maximize your progress.

To start, access the list of challenges from the top of the battle pass screen, and go over the entire list to see what you need to do to get the most EXP fast. Then try to combine your goals, so you can complete multiple challenges at the same time.

For example, this is a combination of challenges on the Darkness and Dragons Paladins battle pass:

  • Play 10 matches as Furia
  • Heal for 25,000 in one match
  • Play one Onslaught match
  • Play 10 Onslaught matches

As you can see, there is nothing stopping you from completing all four challenges – and potentially others – together. And this system applies to all Paladins battle passes going forward. At the current pace that Hi-Rez is releasing them, we expect to get six battle passes a year.

But what about the premium track? That’s where the spicier battle pass content lives, after all. The good news is that with a little bit of patience, you can unlock the premium track by just playing. This is because the battle pass restructure moved the daily crystal rewards into the free track. Currently, completing any two battle passes earns you the 600 crystals required to purchase the premium track of the following battle pass. And completing the premium track gives you enough crystals to purchase the next one, and so on.