How to quickly farm leather scraps in Valheim

You need it for a lot of projects.

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You can only acquire leather scraps in Valheim by killing boars, or by finding them in muddy debris piles, which appear in Swamp Crypts. These are the only two methods to gain the item, but of the two methods, the boars respawn, whereas the muddy debris piles do not. The dungeons and crypts in Valheim do not repopulate, so once you clear a dungeon, it’s gone.

The boars typically appear in the Meadows, but they have been known to wander in the other territories a Meadow is bordering. You might see a boar wandering around the Plains or near Swamp, but they typically stick to the game’s sunny areas. You can sometimes find a runestone that details how to tame a boar, with about three or four of them gathering around it for you to practice on.

For those looking for the quickest method to farm leather scraps off a boar, a reliable way is to wander around your largest Meadow regions in Valheim and hunt them down. A boar with one or two stars drops significantly more than the traditional one. They won’t be difficult to hunt down in the forest.

If you plan on taming the boars, you’ll bit a good amount of resources into collecting mushrooms, carrots, and berries to gain their affection. We recommend leading them into a pen, or create a fence around them when you tame them. If you have two boars that are tamed in the same location, they steadily breed together and produce additional piglets.

The downside to taming the boars is their daily food requirement, which you’ll have to meet. It can take several in-game days to tame them and then keep the pen healthy, so multiple piglets and adult boars are in the pen. When you reach about eight inside, you can slaughter four for their scraps and then start the process repeatedly.

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A circle of tamed boars is good to have if you’re ever in dire straits and need a few leather scraps, but spending a day in Valheim and hunting boars is your best method to acquiring large amounts of it. You can always find a Swamp that you haven’t looted to mine for leather scraps, but there’s a finite amount of it.