How to farm leather scraps in Valheim

You need it for a lot of projects.

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There are a handful of ways for you to find leather scraps in Valheim. Unfortunately, these methods can take a good amount of time, so you’ll want to make sure you’re optimizing your time while at your base. Although there are only select methods for gathering leather scraps in Valheim, some methods are better than others. Here’s what you need to know about how to get and farm leather scraps in Valheim.

How to get more leather scraps in Valheim

There are two ways for you to gather up leather scraps: by killing boars and by destroying muddy debris. The muddy debris appears in the Swamp Dungeons, which you can access once you have a Swamp Dungeon key from defeating the second boss, The Elder. Between the two methods, defeating boars is an easier way to earn them, plus you can regularly find boars in the wild, whereas the Swamp Dungeons will not respawn with resources.

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When looking for boars to take down, they’re typically going to spawn in the Meadows, or any territory on the border to a Meadows biome. However, you can bring boars to other biomes if they’ve been tamed and they trust you. You can tame a boar by giving it food, such as mushrooms or carrots. When a boar has been properly tamed, you can have it breed with other nearby boars, so long as there are not more than five boars within 10 meters of them.

Taming and breeding boars yield the best results for farming leather scraps, which can take time. Essentially, you want your boars to breed enough times until you have a one-star boar, and then you want to create multiple one-star boars until they’re breeding and making more two-star boars. A two-star boar yields the best results, giving you four Leather Scraps every time you take them down. You’ll want to use the Butcher Knife on these tamed enemies to effortlessly take them out, yielding your results without potentially taking out other boars you want to keep roaming your pasture.

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Although taming and breeding this many boars can be time-consuming, it’s the best method to regularly receive leather scraps while playing Valheim. It’s also important to note that boars drop a good amount of meat, which means you can store and cook it every time you take out a boar, giving you more resources outside of leather scraps to use at your base.