How to get bile bag in Valheim

It smells as good as it looks.

bile bag in Valheim

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While the notion of using visceral entrails for practical utility is far from appealing, the bile bag is an internal organ in Valheim that offers relatively high usefulness for crafting. The resource is acquired from a particular creature residing in the Mistlands, the fog-covered region that serves as the current endgame biome for adventurers. Therefore, before you can procure this intestinal material, you will need high-tier weapons and armor to survive. Moreover, a Wisplight will be necessary to navigate your way through the thick mists enveloping the land.

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Where to find bile bags in Valheim

Angry Gjall in Valheim
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To find bile bags in Valheim, head into the Mistlands and search for a creature known as the Gjall, a massive insectoid creature that is quite reminiscent of a Silt Strider from Morrowind. As an aerial enemy, Gjall cannot be defeated using melee weaponry, so you will need to make sure you have a magic staff or solid bow with arrows to take this foe down. Once slain, a Valheim Gjall will drop a bile bag, also referred to as “Bilebag” in-game. The yellowish-orange organ is quite large, so it is easy to spot once it falls to the ground. 

What are bile bags used for in Valheim

Using a Bile bomb in Valheim
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The bile bag in Valheim is used in two recipes: Bile bombs and the Jotun bane. Bile bombs can be made at a Workbench and require Bilebag × 1, Sap ×1, and Resin × 3. Once thrown, the bomb will burst into a lingering cloud of fire and poison upon impact. From our testing, we found this grenade-like throwable to be notably effective against closely packed groups of weaker enemies, such as the foot soldier army of a Fuling village

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Crafting the Jotun bane with Bile bag in Valheim
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The Jotun bane is an endgame axe made from bile bags in Valheim that can deal double damage on the final strike of its 3-hit combo. We recommend you craft this axe whenever you get the chance, as the next biome introduced to the Nordic wilderness might contain trees only harvestable with high-tier axes like this one. To make the Jotun bane, you must combine the following materials at a Black Forge: Bilebag × 3, Yggdrasil wood × 5, Iron × 15, and Refined Eitr × 10.