How To Make Bits/Money Fast In The Outer Worlds


Money makes the world go around, and The Outer Worlds is no different. You need Bits to upgrade weapons and armor, buy new Consumables and Ammo, gear, and items. It’s a valuable resource, so having a lot of it is a pretty good idea.

How To Make Bits/Money Fast In The Outer Worlds

While breaking down excess items to get resources can be a good idea, you may want to sell them at a Vendor or Vending Machine for Bits. You can sell almost anything to a Vendor, but make sure you don’t sell things that you need. You want to loot as much of the world as you can, using Perks like Pack Mule to help you carry more items. Then, when you find a Vendor or Vending Machine, interact with them and click on the Sell option to part with anything you don’t need in exchange for Bits.

It is a great idea to pick up the Snake Oil Salesman perk as soon as you can. It’s a Tier 2 perk, which means you will need to have equipped five other perks before you can get it. This perk will boost the number of Bits you get from selling items by 20 percent, which adds up pretty quick for all of your items.

Lastly, do missions. Lots of tasks come with a reward of Bits at the end, and some of them can reward you a substantial amount. Some missions will even reward you with items that have no value other than selling for Bits.

As we play through the game, we might come across some good ways to farm up Bits very quickly, but at the moment, it is mostly about looting, having that Snake Oil Salesman perk, and just finishing up missions.

If we find any particular sneaky ways to get Bits, we will add them to this guide.