How to raid in Rust

Take down the walls, and burn everything you can.

Image via Facepunch Studios

When you want to take on another player’s structure and steal their stuff in Rust, you need to consider how you’re going to take down their building. There’s a lot of little things you need to know, and when attempting to raid, your big focus will have enough armor to protect yourself while also being able to explode through layers of walls. There are many walls in Rust you’ll be fighting against, but with enough explosives, you can break them down and take the supplies you need.

How to prepare for a raid

When preparing for a raid, you want to make sure you have plenty of armor equipped, and it doesn’t limit your mobility like the heavy plate. You want to choose to wear these choices.

  • Helmet: Heavy plate, Coffee can, bucket, riot, clatter, or bone helmet
  • Chest: Metal chest plate, jacket (if that’s all you have), or wood chestplates
  • Leggings: Heavy plate pants or wood armor pants

You’ll always want to bring plenty of explosives with you. Explosives will be how you destroy many of the walls protecting a location. If you can strategically take those down, you’ll be able to enter almost every well-protected location. These are some of the better explosives in the game.

  • Beancan Grenade
  • Satchel Charge
  • C4 (Timed explosive charge)

If you and your friends have a rocket launcher, we recommend peppering a location with high-velocity rockets at a decent. If you can hit multiple walls, that would be ideal. From there, as you come closer to the location, switch to rockets to try and expose holes. If you’re able to expose any weaknesses in a structure before getting closer, pull out the incendiary rockets to fire them inside a base. This can be a good way to catch any players inside or further dismantle that location.

You also want to make sure to bring plenty of medical supplies. It’s pretty easy for multiple members of your team to receive damage during a raid, and it can be over pretty fast if no one brought any medical supplies. While having a large medkit or medical syringe are the best to use during combat, having a few bandages on hand never hurt to help you in a sticky situation.

Raiding a base

Preparation is a major component of raiding in Rust. Regardless of how much you prepare, you want to understand your target, but having the right tools at the ready is extremely important. Make sure to over-prepare, and expect to use far more than you initially think you need.

Now, picking a target will vary. If you’re starting out and by yourself, you typically want to choose a base that only has one or four people, at most, protecting it. The more people defending a base, the more armor, medical supplies, weapons, and the element of surprise you’ll need to take them down. They can’t prepare for you to attack them if they’re not expecting you.

When combat starts, it all comes down to breaking through the walls and taking what you need from other players. To take the supplies you need, you’ll have to roam around and find where those are hidden. You can find them inside small and large storage boxes and a tool cupboard. A tool cupboard can have a lock and key code on it, though. If the players have this electronic lock on their tool cupboard, you’re better off finding the smaller items to get what you need and then get out.

The key to a successful raid is getting more than what you put into raiding a base. If you used more supplies to raid it than you successfully take, you have to pick your target better. You’ll receive superior securing supplies by taking the most risk, but you may need help from other players to make it happen.