How to raise colony affinity in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Be friendly to your neighbors.

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It pays to be nice to those around you, especially in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. If you go out of your way to help people out and raise your affinity with a colony you can gain additional benefits in the game that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. Every time you discover a new colony, remember to forge a deep relationship with them to enhance your experience in the game.

How to raise colony affinity

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There are some basic actions that you can perform to raise colony affinity that you find out early in the game. These actions work for Colony 9 and continue to work later in the game. These actions include things like talking to colony members, registering Collectopaedia Cards, sending off soldier husks, and helping out in skirmishes. The more you help a colony out, the greater your affinity level will be with that colony. Contributing to the local economy by buying and selling items also contributes to affinity. As you progress through the campaign, make sure to keep track of your affinity levels with the different colonies through the Affinity Chart.

Affinity level rewards

The more you pay attention to your affinity level and raise it, the more bonuses you will unlock throughout the game as you visit the different colonies. Here are some of the bonuses that you can get from affinity levels:

  • Increased swim speed
  • Increased running speed
  • Reduced monster detection range
  • Increased chances of finding rare monsters

There are more rewards that you can discover as you progress through the game and discover more colonies. Make sure to build a relationship with as many of them as you can to increase the rewards that you and your party get.