How to rebirth fast in Roblox Mining Simulator

Rebirthing quickly can be a hassle for many players.

Image via Roblox Corporation

Mining Simulator is a game available on the Roblox platform, where players can go solo or team up with others and embark on mining expeditions to discover rare gems with the ultimate goal of becoming rich. That said, there are other methods apart from mining that allow players to earn money.

One of these methods is the rebirthing feature that allows players to sacrifice their tools, backpacks, and coins to increase their ore value and acquire Rebirth Tokens. These tokens then can be exchanged in Rebirth Shop for different items that can be further sold or used for different purposes. For players aiming to rack up a high rebirth score, here is how you can do it quickly in the game.

How to rebirth fast

Screenshot from The Dark Creeper’s YouTube

To rebirth fast in Roblox Mining Simulator, you need a Teleporter, a rare Pet, an infinite pack, and a rare tool. Once you have all the required gear, head to the Volcano world, which is one of the best places to mine. Once there, start digging your way down until you reach a depth of 400. Place the Teleporter right below your character and sell your tool, then select the rebirth option on the left side of the screen. Once you rebirth, you will fall below the Teleporter, and this will count as one rebirth. Finally, use the Teleporter and go back to your original position (right above the Teleporter), and you will have your tool back. Now you can repeat the process and rebirth quickly as many times as you want.