How to recruit demons in Soul Hackers 2

Demon recruitment has changed completely with Soul Hackers 2.

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As the latest entry in the long-running Shin Megami Tensei series, fans should expect many familiar elements. Demon recruitment makes a return as you’d expect. However, its implementation is unlike any of its predecessors. Our guide explains how the new streamlined demon recruitment system works.

How demon recruitment works in Soul Hackers 2

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Unlike every other entry in the Shin Megami Tensei series and Persona 5, demons cannot be recruited through combat. Rather, demon negotiations take place outside of battles during dungeon exploration. When first entering a dungeon, your currently recruited demons are sent on the lookout for items and other rewards. You’ll find them standing in random spots throughout each dungeon, acting as interaction points.

One of these interaction points specifically enables the demon recruitment mechanic. Each friendly demon interaction is denoted by a different symbol indicating different types of rewards. The demon recruitment symbol looks like a digitized demon poking out from behind a cube. There are two variants of this symbol — one with and without stars circling the demon. The icon with the stars indicates a higher chance of the interaction leading to a new demon. However, it is still possible for both variants to greet you with existing demons, as well as those you’ve yet to recruit.

If a friendly demon is sporting either version of the digitized demon symbol pictured below, speak to them. Upon interacting with the friendly demon, you’re introduced to a random demon that is looking to be recruited. If you don’t have the demon in question yet, they’ll ask for items, health points, or magic points. In our experience, demons join immediately after you listen to their first request. If you’re greeted by a demon already in your roster, a reward is handed out in their place. This could range anywhere from crafting materials to restoring health and magic on the spot.

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The locations of these friendly demons are randomized. They’ll be situated at different spots each time you revisit dungeons and even respawn during the same session. Engaging in combat is the only way to influence the system’s RNG. As you get into more fights, you’re more likely to come across friendly demon interactions for demon recruitment. If you’re already level grinding or farming a particular dungeon, we recommend sweeping through the map multiple times. Doing so increases your chances of finding recruitable demons.