How to recruit Jens Macher in Triangle Strategy

Need someone who can swing a hammer?

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Acting as your army’s main blacksmith in Triangle Strategy, Jens is a master of creating all kinds of useful items to use on the battlefield. He specializes in making traps that will disrupt enemy movements and eventually makes an automatic turret that will damage any enemy in range.

Jens is available as soon as character stories are unlocked in chapter five; all you have to do is upgrade your party’s weapons enough times. It’s not confirmed how many weapons you must upgrade, but he will be unlocked when you upgrade a weapon, and it says your convictions have been strengthened.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you want to get him as soon as possible, pick up as many dropped enemy spoils as you can and replay mock battles to get the item rewards. These rewards are often the materials needed to craft better weapons. If you have the cash reserves for it, you can also buy these materials from the provisioner. However, the higher quality items won’t be available for purchase by chapter five.

Jens is a support unit with rather poor stats. His magical defence is abysmal, his strength is subpar, and his speed is lacking. He has good physical defence, health, and evasion, but he’ll die if hit by even two magical attacks. Keep him in the back and disrupt the enemy with his traps.