How to recruit players to your squad in PUBG: New State

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How to pre-register for PUBG New State on Android and iOS devices

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You might lose a squadmate or two while playing PUBG: New State, and you can choose to refresh your team with fresh recruits. You can add other players to your squad when you lose members, but there’s a particular way you recruit other players to your team. Here’s how you recruit players to your squad in PUBG: New State.

Before you can recruit another player to your squad, you’ll need to down them. You can do this any way you like, so long as the final result is them crawling on the ground, waiting to be revived. From there, you can choose to go over to their downed body and choose to recruit them. You’ll see an extended hand on your screen that you need to click to send the offer. If the other player accepts the offer, you’ll revive them, and they’ll be on your squad.

You cannot recruit more than the original four players that are allowed in your squad. So if you have a full team of four teammates in PUBG: New State, you’ll need to wait until someone is downed before trying to find another recruit to join your ranks.

You can recruit up to eight survivors in total for a match, so even if you’re down to three players in a squad, if you’ve already recruited eight players you won’t be able to add more to your team until the next match.