How to recruit Segiri as a hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Segiri is one of the harder heroes to get in the game.

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Segiri is a recruitable hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and she uses a custom machine to fight. She is one of the more accessible heroes to miss in your playthrough since you need to do specific optional Standard Quests before you can recruit her. Here’s how to get Segiri in your party.

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What Quests do you need to complete to unlock Segiri’s Hero Quest – Inhumanity?

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To unlock the Inhumanity Hero Quest in Chapter 6, you must complete these three Standard Quests — Imminent Illusion, Severed Connection, and The Illusion Returns. You do them in the order we listed out, and Inhumanity will automatically unlock as soon as you finish Illusion Returns. Imminent Illusion naturally opens as you progress the story, while Severed Connection and Illusion Returns are available as optional Standard Quests later in the game.

However, you need to complete several other Standard Quests for Severed Connection and Illusion Returns to become available. You must complete the Standard Quests Charity and Hypocrisy and Tactical Eradication in Colony 4 to unlock Severed Connection. The Writer’s Block Quest also involves the Mysterious Raiders and is needed to unlock Inhumanity.

To simplify, below is the order of Quests you need to complete to unlock Inhumanity:

  1. Charity and Hypocrisy (Colony 4)
  2. Tactical Eradication (Colony 4)
  3. Imminent Illusion (Maktha Wildwood)
  4. Severed Connection (Near Colony 4)
  5. Writer’s Block (City)
  6. The Illusion Returns (Colony Omega)

Imminent Illusion and Writer’s Block are needed to progress the story, so you don’t need to accomplish the previous Quests to do them. If you do all the quests listed out and Illusion Returns is still unavailable, Gather Info in Colony 4 to unlock and complete more Standard Quests.

How to unlock Imminent Illusion

This Quest is easy to unlock; you only need to walk to the Maktha Wildwood in the Pentelas Region. You must walk to the Maktha Wildwood in Chapter 4.

How to unlock Severed Connection

Severed Connection can only be unlocked after completing the Tactical Eradication Standard Quest. The Tactical Eradication can be unlocked in Colony 4 starting in Chapter 3 and only becomes available after completing the Charity and Hypocrisy Quest Quest in Colony 4. To unlock both Standard Quests, you need to Gather Info in Colony 4 and discuss them at a Rest Stop.

After completing both Quests, Severed Connection is a question mark on your map near Colony 4. Severed Connection Quest can be accessed sometime in Chapter 4 after completing the Imminent Illusion.

How to unlock Illusion Returns

In Chapter 5, Gather Info while exploring the City. Eventually, you’ll gain enough information to unlock Writer’s Block at a Rest Stop. Once you’ve completed Imminent Illusion, Severed Connection, and Writer’s Block, the Illusion Returns Quest will be available as a question mark in Colony Omega after finishing Mio’s Side Story in the main storyline in Chapter 6.

Inhumanity will automatically be accessed to you as soon as you finish Illusion Returns. Like all Hero and Standard Quests, follow the respective colored Exclamation Points on your world map to follow through with the Quest.