How to regain health in 30XX

Staying alive.

30xx Health Pickup
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As a roguelike, the success of a run in 30XX will often be based on many factors, including the power-ups and augmentations that you can gain throughout the levels. There is also armor that you can find off of select enemies and can be found in chests sprawled throughout each level.

However, health is not quite as plentiful. As a game that includes a permadeath mechanic and includes upgrades that can scale your damage higher with your current health, any method to keep yourself topped up is essential for building your progress.

Thankfully, the game provides a couple of ways with which you can do this. Firstly, as you progress through a level, you may be tempted to rush past any enemies you don’t need to engage with, especially bigger baddies. Any enemy can drop an instant health and armor pick-up, with the likelihood of this scaling with the size of the enemy.

This means that bigger enemies who take longer to kill will offer the highest probability of dropping health for you, so you must consider the risks versus rewards if you are at full health. You can’t carry drops with you to heal when you need to, but they don’t disappear as you platform across a level, so you can always backtrack if you feel it’s safe to do so for extra health.

Secondly, as you approach the boss at the end of each level, there will be vending machines that contain pick-ups for you to use, with the health pick-up machine in green with the health cross. As 30XX uses procedural elements, there’s no guarantee that you will see a health vending machine.

One health box will be $3, with your current available cash represented by the bolts that you can see on your interface at the bottom left corner. These also drop off enemies but will not automatically be picked up, so you must make sure to run over them to collect them.

Use these machines wisely as they are not infinite and will typically be destroyed after three uses.

If you are in co-op, you will typically respawn upon a revive with a minimum of three health points, though if your partner has enough health to split in half to provide more, this will occur.

For example, if your partner dies and you are at full health, upon using the revive station, you will give your partner five health points from your pool. However, if you are in low health, the revive will simply revive your partner to three. 

If one of you is below this health and you are happy to consume the Revive station, this can also be used as a quick method for squeezing some extra health points back.