How to regain stamina in Windbound

Get your energy back.

Image via 5 Lives Studio

You use stamina all the time in Windbound. You need to do any running, hunting, crafting, rowing your boat, and if you run out stamina, you start to take damage. If you see a black bar beginning to eat your stamina, you won’t passively to recharge it pass this point. There are several ways to regain stamina, but you don’t want to wait too long to start working on it. You can begin to panic when your total stamina is only available for half your full bar.

All you have to do is eat something to regain your stamina. A quick way to do is find a mushroom on the side of a tree or a berry bush. It doesn’t give you the most significant return, but it’s an excellent way to regain a little back at a time. The best way to gain back the most stamina is to hunt local animals, gather up their meat, and then cook it over a fire. You have the option to eat raw animal meat, but doing so causes your screen to wobble, and you will lose health. Avoid eating raw meat to prevent these adverse effects.

Eating food is the best way to regain stamina. Hunting the smaller creatures you encounter on the islands provides the best meat for Kara, so don’t wait too long before eating. It could make taking down an animal much more challenging to hunt.