How to regain your soul in Aeterna Noctis

Don’t give up on your EXP points.

Regaining your soul

Screenshot by Gamepur

Aeterna Noctis is a punishing game. An indie metroidvania, you will find yourself hacking and slashing through a variety of dark denizens to achieve your goal of reclaiming godhood. However, not every journey goes according to plan, and you will definitely die a handful of times. When you do, you will lose your accumulated experience — and in order to reclaim it, you have to find it again. Here’s how to reclaim your soul in Aeterna Noctis.

When you die, an orb with wings will appear at the exact location of your death (and if you fell into a pit, the soul will appear at the last ledge you stood on.) If an enemy killed you, the soul will tether to that enemy. This will persist in the overworld no matter how many times you die.

To regain your soul, simply make your way back to where you died and walk over the Soul Orb. This will immediately restore any experience you had before your death. This makes a so-called “corpse run” of vital importance if you happen to die carrying a lot of experience points, as you need that experience to progress further in the game. However, if you cannot reach your Soul at all, either due to difficulty or simply forgetting how to reach it, you can always pay the Reaper at the town a hefty set of coins to get it back. You do lose all of your experience when you do this, however, so be careful.