How to relocate quests in The Witcher: Monster Slayer

It’s troublesome but you can do it..

Image via CD Projekt Red

The Witcher: Monster Slayer has you adventuring in the outside world, and your quest is to slay every beast in your vicinity. The GPS tracking feature is fairly flawless, but there can be issues with the placement of quests in your area. They may be restricted, unable to access, or in extreme cases, can be very dangerous to traverse. You might want to avoid going up a rough street. Relocating quests can resolve issues like this.

At times when the quest location is inaccessible, press the up arrow button on the bottom of the screen. Next, touch the Journal button that is purple and has a book symbol on it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Click the quest that is currently active and select “Relocate.” You may see that it’s greyed out. This means that you need to get further away from the current quest to relocate it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To do this, walk opposite of where the quest is. At 1km, you are still too close to the quest to relocate it, so you may want to use a car or ride a bus to get it to get far enough. Whatever you do, please be careful while walking and keep your distance from other peoples’ property. Keep an eye on the road too and be wary of any environmental hazards.