How to remain undetected in Welcome to America, Comrade gig – Cyberpunk 2077

Silent and effective.

What’s more welcoming than putting a tracking beacon on someone? In Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll receive a gig to act as an agent saboteur and place a GPS tracker on Mikhail Akulov’s car. You can find the vehicle in Kabuki Port, but getting into the area won’t be easy, and while it is not required, the client would prefer you remained unseen, and you use stealth. There’s a direct path to make stealth far easier in this level.

Where is Kabuki Port?

You can find Kabuki Port in the southeast of the Kabuki District. It’ll be right on the edge of the water, and it is heavily guarded.

How to sneak into Kabuki port

When you arrive at the port, you won’t be able to walk through the main entrance. There are plenty of guards ready to stop you from entering, and because the client would prefer you not to be seen, you’ll want to remain unnoticed. You have two options to enter the port. The first is to the left of the entrance, in an alley. You can get on top of a container, and then crate, and hop over the fence. Further to the left is a gate that you can bend open, only if you have six points in body. If you do not, jumping over the container is the only route for you.

How to find the container with the vehicle

Once you’re inside Kabuki Port, there are plenty of workers and guards running around the area. To save you some time, the best route to find the container is by going to the left. When you first enter this area, two workers are hanging around each other to your left. You need to remove them and take them out without being seen. The best way to do that is to lure the one on the left away by distracting them with the electronics and waiting for them to walk over. You’ll be able to grab the worker overlooking the cleaning machine. Once they return, take out the second person, and pull them both back over by the crates. There is a dump container you can hide them in.

With those two out of the picture, go as close to the left side of the fence as you can, and move through until you find a small gap in the large crates. You sneak past this area avoiding the worker, and robot guard, as they patrol this area. There is a camera overlooking the end of the crates, so you can hack it to ping enemy locations and survey the area.

Past the robot guard is a large, veteran security officer, a dock worker in the back, and a larger, melee guard standing over a blue container with a car. That is the car you need to reach. Keep to the left as much as possible, and grab the dock worker behind the crates. There is another dump container you can use to hide the body.

Once you have that individual out of the way, you need to find a way to distract the veteran guard. They’re at a prime location to spot you moving around. You can use the generator behind them to distract them, sneak by, and get right behind the brawler security guard. There’s a sniper on this position’s upper platform, so you need to watch for them.

If you can time it right, you can use the generator to distract the veteran guard again, grab the brawler, and pull their body away before anyone notices.

How to put the GPS in the vehicle

Now, all that’s left to do is to place the GPS in the vehicle. Much like the rest of the mission, you can’t be seen doing this. When you approach the vehicle, you have to go up to it and hit the “Mount” icon while on the vehicle. The last thing you have to do is leave the area without being seen, and you can do that the way you came.

If you complete the gig undetected, Regina throws in a bonus for your efforts.