How to rename your pet in Lost Ark

A rose by any other name.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players won’t need to scour the land of Lost Ark by their lonesome, as sprawling as Arkesia is. While players can always join with others, there’s another option entirely if you don’t want to be too social.

Lost Ark has a pet feature, cute companions which can not only offer some much-needed accompaniment, but can also offer various effects such as auto-looting, buffs, and selected functions. Pets act as a mechanic entirely their own within Lost Ark, helping players push through the campaign and into end-game.

While the appearance of the pet is already set, players can rename their pets into whatever they wish to personalize their companion.

The default Pet Inventory command is Alt + P, which will show players all pets that they own, as well as the currently summoned companion. To the right of the currently summoned pet name, you will see a pencil on a block — clicking this block will allow players to rename their pets.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While renaming pets, it’s wise to bear in mind that there are specific names, or words, which can likely net you a suspension from the title, much as there are limits in naming your character. While in the Pet Inventory, take a moment to understand pet effects and stats. The Pet Functions, such as remote repairs and additional storage are not available unless a Crystalline Aura is in use.