How to repair gates in Tribes of Midgard

Keep the doors locked.

Image via Norsfell Games

While defending your village in Tribes of Midgard, the gates are an excellent way to keep the enemies that are besieging your town from getting inside. However, these gates don’t last forever. They can eventually be broken if they take enough damage, but if you can build enough arrow towers and defeat the enemies, they won’t be destroyed. What can you do when a gate is damaged the next day? This guide details how gate repair works in Tribes of Midgard.

Unfortunately, there’s no direct way to repair a gate. You cannot dump more resources into it or use souls to have it replenish its hitpoints. The only way to bring it back up from nearly being broken to full health is to upgrade it, which requires quite a few resources, such as souls, wooden boards, cut stone, and wrought iron. These stack up as you upgrade them, meaning you’ll need to spend even more time attempting to upgrade them.

While upgrading the gate is the only way to directly health it, all of your gates will passively heal during the day. That’s the trade-off to not needing to give it more resources to repair them. To make sure you don’t lose a gate, you’ll have to balance bringing one up to let the enemies in during an invasion. Bringing a gate up does defeat the purpose of having one, but needing to devote an entire pile of resources to create another is much more time than it takes to open one side during a siege.

You’ll have to find a certain balance between having them open and keeping them closed during an attack. Of course, if you’re worried about a particular side of your village, you can always improve the arrow towers and upgrade them.