How To Repair Wreckage For Your Railjack In Warframe


While playing Railjack missions in Warframe, you will occasionally find the wreckage in battle. Wreckage takes the form of broken components and armaments, long lost in The Old War. It is possible to repair this wreckage, and use it on your ship.

All wreckage will have a unique set of stats that are generated randomly, so be sure to check wreckage before deciding what to do with it carefully. If you wish to repair it, you have two options.

Wreckage Repair

All wreckage will have a repair cost in resources, similar to build new components. You can choose to pay the repair cost from your inventory of collected resources, and then wait for the item to be repaired. You can also use a Rush Repair Drone, which you can purchase from the Market for Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency.

To repair the wreckage, or check how much you have, go the Armaments screen at the Railjack Configuration console in the Dry Dock. Under each section, you will see the wreckage that you have available. Click on it and press TAB to see the statistics, like critical chance, damage, etc.

The middle button in the image shown above gives you a third option, as you can scrap the item instead.

  • Scrapping the item before Repairs grants Dirac, the currency used to upgrade your Avionics Grid, or your Avionic themselves (similar to Endo).
  • Scrapping the item after Repairing gives you back the crafting materials you spent to Repair it (Titanium, Carbides, etc.)

You can only hold a maximum of thirty pieces of wreckage at a time, so it is best to decide what you want to do with them as you collect them, or every few days. When you find wreckage, compare it to the parts you already have installed on your Railjack. If the stats are worse than the ones you already have, scrap it.