How to report players in Sea of Thieves

Learn to sail the seas with respect.

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

Considering Sea of Thieves’ community-driven design, you’re likely to end up playing with random users at some point. Online experiences can vary from person to person, making every open session a gamble. Even while playing solo, there’s a chance of coming across players in other crews. In the event that you come across a toxic player that ruins your experience, our guide will help you report them.

Unlike other multiplayer titles, Sea of Thieves does not offer an in-game option to report players. Any reports are handled through the Sea of Thieves support site rather than directly by the game.

For a direct line of communication with the development team, you’ll need to visit the Sea of Thieves website. Selecting the support tab at the top of the site brings up a drop-down menu, with one of the options being to “submit a report.” This brings you to a new page, prompting you to select “raise a support request” near the bottom to begin the submission process. It’s worth noting that you cannot begin the submission until you are logged into the site with a valid Xbox Live account.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is a general support page, meaning you’ll have to sift through the options until you find “I’d like to report a toxic player.” Keep in mind that these reports rely on user-submitted evidence, meaning you should gather screenshots or footage of the incident in question before going through with the submission. Just a text description of the event may not be enough to enable action on the developer’s end. The submission form lets you fill out the user’s gamertag along with an attachments section for your evidence.

Screenshot by Gamepur