How to reset skills in The Ascent | Skill respec guide

Re-assign skill points and get the perfect build.

Image via Neon Giant

Level ups in The Ascent give skill points, which allow you to specialize your character and perfect your strategy, but what if you’ve made a mistake? Whether you’re experimenting with a new build, copying something online, or just trying to erase a mistake, you’re able to get all of your skill points refunded for only a few thousand credits by visiting the Grafter. Here’s how:

1. Visit The Grafter

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Grafter is a vendor in Cluster 13, who works in a building labeled “GRAFTING.” You can find him on the lower level, next to the elevator closest to The White Dragon Noodle Bar and the Morgue. You’ll need to visit The Grafter and The Morgue for two early side-quests, so it’s good to take care of this as soon as possible. The Grafter is responsible for selling augments, making cosmetic changes, and most importantly for our purposes: re-specializing your skills.

2. Go in for Surgery

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve said hello to the grafter, select “go in for surgery,” which will open a menu with options to change all of your appearance options, but more importantly, it will also allow you to reset your skill point allocations for a small fee.

3. Select Reset Skills

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve opened the surgery menu, go to the “PROFICIENCIES” tab in the top left, then select “RESET SKILLS” from the bottom left of the menu. You’ll be asked to confirm and pay a fee before you proceed: this fee increases based on the number of skill points you’ve used. The exact rate of increase is unclear, but it seems to be slightly exponential. Resetting only 1 skill point costs 1000 credits, 2 costs a little over 2000 credits, while 3 skill points cost 3800 credits to reset, and so on.

4. Assign your new skill points

Screenshot by Gamepur

To assign your new skill points, you can go up one on the menu to assign skill points from inside of the surgery menu, or you can back out of the surgery menu, exit conversation with The Grafter, and then assign skill points normally through the skills tab of the character menu.