Destiny 2: How to Reset Your Valor


Destiny 2 is all about hitting the heavy grind, and that has not changed with the introduction of Shadowkeep. But the grind is considerably more fun, with a lot going on in the game. For the past week, Iron Banner has been going on, and you still have time to finish up the Scour the Rust quest. During your time playing the game mode, you may have reached the peak amount of valor you can gain in the Crucible. Here’s how you reset it to start over and gain a powerful item.

How to Reset Valor in Destiny 2

You’re going to see the notification following the end of an Iron Banner, Crucible, or even a Gambit Prime match. Resetting your valor in any of these respective modes works the same, so keep this in mind for whatever player-vs-player mode you’re going through at the time.

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When you receive the notification to reset your valor, you need to do so by going to orbit. You don’t need to drop your group if you want to reset things. All you need to is drop the instance and make sure you and your team are flying in orbit. When you’re in orbit, return to the main game mode screen you’re on, for example, if you gain valor in Crucible, go here:

How to Reset Your Valor in Destiny 2

At this time, I have not reached enough valor to start over and go up a rank. But when you are, check the upper-right portion of this screen, and you’ll see the option to reset your valor. Hold this button for a few seconds, and it should charge through the option. When you’re finished going through it, you’re going to receive a brand new and powerful item in your inventory. It should be better than anything else you’re wearing at the time, so it’s another great way to gain more light levels in Destiny 2.

Remember, this method works for Crucible, Iron Banner, and Gambit, and the process is the same. You can reset your valor when you’re playing with others, so let your team know you need to reset, and you drop out of the queue real quick. It’s a quick process, so you should be able to join back up with them before they jump into a new game.

That’s all you need to know about resetting your valor in Destiny 2. Hopefully, you’re enjoying the new game with Shadowkeep.