Destiny 2 - All Chalice Recipes For The Menagerie

Destiny 2

Destiny 2's Menagerie is a great way to get yourself some substantial, guaranteed loot. You can earn Runes, which you then slot into your Chalice of Opulence. Head into the Menagerie and finish a run, culminating in a boss kill, and you can open a chest that will give you the piece of equipment you have crafted. 

You can gather up all kinds of loot, and run it over and over again to get some God Rolls, the best possible perks for that particular weapon. First, you need to know how to get each piece, so in this article, we will run through the ingredients of each weapon and armor piece you can earn from the Menagerie. 

Destiny 2 - All Chalice Recipes For The Menagerie 

Below you will find a list of the Menagerie weapons and armor, and what Runes you need to slot to get them.

  • Austringer - Rune of Desire in Slot 1, Any red Rune in Slot 2
  • Beloved - Rune of Jubilation in Slot 1, Any red Rune in Slot 2
  • Calus Mini Tool - Run of the Beast in Slot 1, Any purple Rune in Slot 2
  • Drang (Baroque) - Rune of Pride in Slot 1, Any purple Rune in Slot 2
  • Fixed Odds - Rune of Ambition in Slot 1, Any blue Rune in Slot 2
  • Imperial Decree - Rune of Wealth in Slot 1, Any green Rune in Slot 2
  • The Epicurean - Rune of Excess in Slot 1, Any green Rune in Slot 2

It is also possible to roll weapons from other sources, but because these drop elsewhere in the game for all sorts of reasons, it is not worth doing, in my opinion. The Beloved, Austringer, and Calus Mini Tool are all excellent weapons, and you should focus on finding a role for them that suits your taste and playstyle.

Armor Recipes

To get armor pieces, slot the following Runes in Slot 1 to set the piece you are looking for:

  • Rune of War - Helmet
  • Rune of Pleasure - Chest
  • Rune of Cunning - Gloves
  • Rune of Gluttony - Boots
  • Rune of Joy - Class Item

To then specify the set the armor comes from, slot the below Runes into Slot 2:

  • Any purple Rune - Tangled Web Set
  • Any green Rune - Reverie Dawn Set
  • Any red Rune - Exodus Down Set
  • Any blue Rune - Opulent Set

At the moment, I don't know if the Menagerie armor will drop as it used to, or as Armor 2.0. You are better off rolling for weapons instead of armor anyway, because you can get good armor sets from so many sources in the game, such as Crucible, Strikes, token packages, Gambit, the Raid, the Reckoning, and more. 

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