How to respec your class points in Outriders

It doesn’t take much effort to start over.


Image by People Who Fly

The class points you receive in Outriders can be distributed between the three trees of your character. Each of the trees enhances a certain aspect of how you play your character and the type of skills you want to use during combat. At any time during your game, you may feel that the points you’ve selected are not the ones you want to use. The option to scrap your class points and start over is always available to you, and you can do it without having to pay any in-game points.

The option to respec your class points is at the bottom of your class screen in Outriders. Open up your game menu, and switch over to the class tab. You can find it next to the skills page. The class tree displays all of the available points you can use and the three unique trees.

At the bottom of the screen, there is the option to ‘reset tree.’ Picking this option returns all of your class points to you, and you can start choosing them all over again. It’s a straightforward process that does not force you to visit a particular NPC at any point in the game. Because Outriders does not pause while you are in a game menu, we recommend doing it when you are in a safe area.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve chosen all of your points over again, you can confirm your new picks, and you can start playing again. None of the points in the tree give your character new skills, but it modifies a lot of passives, such as how much damage they do with certain skills and weapon types. You may find yourself visiting this page pretty frequently when you reach the endgame of Outriders.