How to retrieve the salpinx from the protector’s jaws in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Preparing to enter Ares’ fortress.

Immortals Fenyx Rising narrates the story of Fenyx as it embarks on a journey to save the Greek Gods from the evil Titan Typhon. The game is divided into many biomes themed after the Gods. War’s Den is the biome themed after the Greek God of War, Ares, and Fenyx has to help him get back his essence to get out of his rooster form.

After the essence gets stolen, Fenyx sets out to get inside Ares’ fortress by retrieving the salpinx from the protector’s jaws and finding Typhon’s Tribute melody. While Typhon’s Tribute melody can be found in Sanctuary of Erebos Vault, retrieving the salpinx is tricky.

To reach the place where the salpinx is located, follow the objective marker. When the marker disappears, and you see Quest Zone written on the HUD, you need to look for a cliff with a fossil on it, located roughly at the center of the area. Go on top of it, and you will encounter a few enemies.

Defeating the Enemies and opening the protector’s jaws

The salpinx is guarded by a large number of enemies. To take out the shielded enemies, use your ax attacks to take down their guard, and then use your sword attacks to quickly whittle down their HP. For the hammer-wielding enemies, quickly get a few sword attacks, and dodging is recommended since they are quite slow. The Axe Smash is quite a handy ability here.

After you have defeated the enemies, you need to retrieve the Salpinx. The Salpinx is located inside the mouth of the protector’s fossil, which is located on the extreme right. However, its jaws are closed, and you won’t be able to enter it. To open the protector’s jaws, you need to find three of its teeth. The first tooth is located just beside its mouth, towards the left. The remaining two are located at the center of the area on red corrupted zones.

Before you can place the protector’s tooth, you need to use your sword to break the red corrupted zones with your sword. This will reveal a golden circular slot for its teeth. Just lift the teeth one by one and place it on each of the slots using Herakles Strength, which can be activated using the middle-mouse button (Triangle/Y on the controller), and then press the E key (Y/Triangle on the controller) to place it on the slot. After you have placed two teeth in the two slots on the left and on the slot in the right, the protector’s jaws will open.

Completing the Odysseus myth challenge and retrieving the salpinx

Once its jaws open, head inside and stand on the golden circular platform. You will have to complete the Odysseus myth challenge to unlock the salpinx. After standing on the circular platform, a series of targets will unlock. You need to use Apollo’s arrow to guide your arrow through all the targets and then finally hit the torch at the end to light it up.

Do keep in mind that lighting up the arrow is not required; all you need to do is stand on the platform and use Apollo’s arrow. You can use Apollo’s arrow by clicking the right mouse button and then pressing the E key, and then using the mouse to steer it (LT/L2 + R1/RB + right analog stick on the controller). Once you pass the first target, the arrow will automatically light up. Steer the arrow through all the targets in sequence and then hit the torch.

If you successfully go through all the targets, a small portal will open up and reward you with six Coins of Charon, and the salpinx will get unlocked as well. A short cutscene will play once you go near the salpinx in front of you, which will reveal the story behind the protector, The Drakon Ismenios. Once the cutscene ends, you can simply go ahead and collect the salpinx. If you have already found Typhon’s tribute melody, you need to go to Ares’ fortress next. Else, you need to go to the Sanctuary of Erebos Vault and retrieve the Typhon’s tribute melody.