How to return Odysseus’s ship home in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Safe harbor.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

On your journey to becoming a hero in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you will need to learn about heroes of the past in the Go Do Hero Things quest. You will experience the stories of famous Greek heroes, and seek to emulate their achievements in some way.

For Odysseus, you will need to return his ship, much like he had to do after his years long journey. Thankfully, it will be a much easier task for you. Follow the quest marker to the area you need to visit and then clear out the giant on the island with the broken bridge. You don’t want this guy getting in your way later.

On this island you will see two statues of Odysseus. One of them has a ship in front of it, while the other does not. Turn around and you will see a large horse head beyond the broken bridge. This is the fabled Trojan Horse. Go there, and around the back you will find a button to push.

Doing so will causes some enemies to spawn in, and you will need to take them all out. When that’s done, walk up the horse’s neck to the top of his head, and you will find a small wooden ship. Pick it up and you now need to carry it back to the statue. Go slow, as you don’t want to drop it, doing so will reset your progress.

Remember, you can carry things with your Bracers of Herakles and double jump and sprint, so you shouldn’t get trapped anywhere. Place the ship in front of the statue that didn’t have one, at the back of the island, and you will finish this part of the quest.