How to return the missing books to the Librarian in Psychonauts 2

Cassie is looking for two books.

Psychonauts 2 Switch Psychic Abilities

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When you enter Cassie’s mind to try and recruit her help with the bees in Psychonauts 2, she’s not going to allow herself to help immediately. Instead, a Librarian form of her needs you to find two missing books from her collection. You’ll have to explore her mind to find them. This guide details how you can find those missing books.

Children’s Corner

The first missing you can find is inside the Children’s Corner. You can pull on the lever in front of the door, unlocking this new area. However, when you enter it, you’ll be blocked by a censor and encounter an enabler. Upon defeating them both, the missing book will reveal itself on the top shelf.

You can reach the shelf by jumping on the moving drawers and following the pathway to the top area. You’ll know you’re on the right path, indicated by the several paper NPCs that you can choose to speak with.

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You’ll enter the book, and after you’ve traversed the platforming inside the book, you’ll meet with the Teacher Cassie, who teaches you a new psychic power, Projection. You’ll be able to use this to reach previously unavailable places using the creation of Razputin.

After using your power, continue through the pathway and then order your Projection to open up the door on the other side. Again, you’ll have to use the power, target the switch, and then enter the doorway when the doors open.

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When you reach the next area, you’ll be attacked by a large group of foes. Ensure to focus on the enabler before any of the others as it will shield key opponents. You can also use your Projection power in combat by having it taunt all of the enemies on it.

Once the battle is over, you need to exit the room. You can do this by going to the area with the Emotional Baggage tag and then having your Projection pull on the lever to open the door. You want to stand right next to the door to enter it before it closes again.

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When you reach the other side, you’ll encounter another book that you’ll have to do a little platforming on before being ejected into a new location. The next area will have another round of figments for you to battle against.

After dealing with them, jump across the venus fly trap books, and then use the Levitate power on the gust of air to reach the top of the book, where you’ll meet Teacher Cassie again. Another cutscene will play out. This will be the first book you’ll give the Librarian.

Literature Lane

The second and final book is in the Literature Lane area. To enter this area, you will need to have already the Projection power with you and work with it. There is a lever on the other side of the door that you’ll need your Projection to interact with and open it for you.

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Inside the next room, you’ll need to reach the top shelf of the location. You can do this by jumping on the center stack of books, the venus fly trap book, and then walking the rope to reach the upper area. You will need to use your Time Bubble power to slow down one of the moving drawers. The book will be on the other side.

You’ll encounter the next Cassie inside of the book. You’ll then need to find three pieces of evidence to ensure that the Counterfeiter Cassie can escape.

The first piece of evidence we focused on was on the left side of the map. Head that way, and you’ll find a large number of boats floating along the river. Use the boats to jump to the other side, and you’ll eventually reach a sewer, with the entrance on the right side. You’ll then need to use your Projection to open up the door blocking your path.

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Follow the pathway through the sewers to the top, and you’ll encounter another round of enemies that you need to eliminate. Once you’ve dealt with them, go through the door underneath the printing machine.

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When you go through the door, you’ll find your first piece of evidence inside a book. You’ll be able to access it by reaching the top of the book and then going to the next page. Then, return to the center island where you began this portion of the mission to find the next piece of evidence.

At the center of the area, proceed on the path in front of you, and several sailboats will be floating in a circle. Hop on one of them, and climb the ship’s sail. When you reach the other side, jump onto the platform and proceed forward.

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Follow the pathway forward, and make sure you jump on the platform right when you can jump on the trapeze. The venus fly trap book will close if you go too soon, throwing you into the water. Wait until the right moment, and jump over. You can climb a pencil to make it to the next area through a gust of wind.

You’ll arrive at a fish market where you’ll have to battle against some annoying figments real quick before being able to pass through a door. It throws you into another book where you’re going to need to make your way to the next page to obtain the second piece of evidence. Return to the center of the map to find the last piece of evidence.

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The last piece of evidence will be on the right side of the map when you return to the main area. You can reach it by jumping on the tightrope and making your way to the waterfall where the fish climb it. Jump on top of a fish, and reach the top. Make sure you jump over to the left side of the waterfall and then use your Projection on the lever on the other side of the wall.

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Jump across the fish to make it to the door on the other end of the river. Inside, you’ll need to traverse through the book to the left page to find the final piece of evidence.

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You can now return to Cassie, where you entered the level to turn in all of the evidence. After a quick cutscene, you’ll be able to turn in the final book to the Librarian Cassie.