How to reverse your direction on rails in Psychonauts 2

Making riding the rails less of a grind.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you platform your way through Psychonauts 2’s hub worlds and mind levels, you will come across quite a few rails along your way. Raz can use these to grind his way around areas like Sonic the Hedgehog without a Soap shoes brand deal. While your momentum will largely dictate where you go while grinding, there are ways to turn yourself around without jumping off and turning around. Here is how to reverse your direction while grinding in Psychonauts 2.

Reversing your direction on rails is quite easy, and there are a few spots it can come in handy. While riding, press F on PC, Triangle on PlayStation, or Y on Xbox. Raz will turn around on the spot and begin going in the opposite direction. There are a few cases where you can use this to go back up a rail, but not in every case.

With the way that grinding works, you can’t really stop yourself because of your momentum, so there may be a little bit of where Raz continues in the direction you were going before. Just be sure to turn yourself around before the end of the rail, and you can turn around to go back for any figments you missed.