How to revive teammates in Research and Destroy

Make sure you have enough time to revive them.

Gary shoots at an enemy

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Like any other strategy game, mistakes are bound to happen while playing Research and Destroy. Sometimes, these mistakes might lead to the death of a teammate. Fortunately, reviving your fallen teammates is always an option, but it’s one that is going to cost you a good deal of time. Here’s how to revive your downed allies.

When one of your scientists has their HP depleted, they’ll fall down and be unable to move. If you move one of your other scientists over to the fallen character, you’ll be able to revive them by hitting the appropriate button prompt (A on Xbox, X on PlayStation, E on keyboard). Reviving teammates is considered an action, and it will deplete the timer of whichever scientist is performing it. To revive one teammate, it takes four seconds, which is half of the eight seconds allotted to each scientist to perform actions during a single turn.

Larry prepares to help revive Marie
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However, you can alleviate this cost by using multiple scientists to revive one teammate, which splits the time cost between them. For example, if you spend three of Larry’s seconds reviving Marie, and then bring Gary over to Marie, Gary would only need to spend one more second to finish reviving Marie.

Gary helps to revive Marie
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Considering that both getting to a downed teammate and the action of reviving them cost quite a bit of time, we recommend keeping your scientists fairly close to one another, especially if you’re going into a daunting combat encounter. If one of them goes down, it’s always good to have at least one other scientist close by to lend a helping hand.