How to rewind in MotoGP 22

Bring it back.

Image via Milestone

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MotoGP 22 has a steep learning curve for beginners, so it might be best to prepare for a bit of failure upon playing it for the first time. That’s perfectly fine, as practice does make everything better in the long run. However, should you fall at an inopportune time during an offline race, and don’t want to restart from the very beginning, don’t fret. Users will have the option to rewind to a previous spot in the event and resume it from there. This function is much like rewind functionality that is present in other racing games.

So, how can you rewind in MotoGP 22? Let’s take a look.

To rewind in MotoGP 22, users on the Xbox family of consoles will need to tap RB to trigger a rewind sequence. For the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, hit R1. Lastly, Nintendo Switch owners will need to hit R, in order to rewind on the course.

One won’t be able to rewind to the start of the race, but one will be able to go back a good amount of time. Use the trigger buttons to rewind (LT/L2/ZL) or fast-forward (RT/R2/ZR), and then use A/X/B to set the point to stop the rewind at, and to resume the race.