How to rewire Hollis mind in Psychonauts 2

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Rewire Hollis Mind in Psychonauts 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you reach the chapel in Hollis’ Classroom during one of the early missions in Psychonauts 2, it’s up to you to figure how you can rewire Hollis’ mind so all of the kids can go on the mission to the Casino. There are several thought bubbles in the chapel that are already tied together. You need to place them in a certain order so Hollis changes her mind and brings the entire class on the Psychonauts’ mission. This guide details how to rewire Hollis’ mind and the correct order of the thought bubbles.

When completing this portion of the mission you’re going to want to have the psychic power Mental Connection as one of your abilities.

The connection you want to focus on is the thought bubble ‘risk’. It’s connected to ‘death’. You want to jump into the ‘risk’ thought bubble and find the white thought bubbles to lead you to the center of the room. From there, all you have to do is circle to the back of the chalkboard to connect it to money.

Once the thought bubbles ‘risk’ and ‘money’ are connected, a cutscene will play out, forcing you to exit the level Hollis Classroom, and the entire class will go on the Psychonauts mission. You can always replay this level once you gain access to the Brain Tumbler further in the game.