How to ride a Popo in Monster Hunter World Iceborne


Monster Hunter World’s expansion Iceborne brings new content and gameplay mechanics to the already in-depth world of Monster Hunter. While we can already ride Tailraiders in the game, there’s another small monster that we are free to hop on for a short ride around the map.

The Popo is a wooly rhino-like creature with long curved tusks in place of a horn. According to Monster Hunter’s Wiki page, the animal came about in Monster Hunter 2. It’s known to live in large herds. Players will probably find themselves hunting the hulking herbivores for resources at some point in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, but that’s not the only option. Players can also ride them without any real effort.

A humorous clip posted on Twitter from YouTuber Henry shows his character reaching up and mounting one of the small monsters as it lumbers by him.

So how do you ride one?

If you’re close enough to one, a button prompt will pop up under the name of the creature. Hit the button while the monster is close enough, and you’ll automatically mount the beast.

With the ability to ride Popos and Tailraider monsters, this Monster Hunter World expansion is looking to be the best game yet.