How to ride a strider in Minecraft’s Nether Update

Ride in the Nether in style.

You can ride a strider in Minecraft in the Nether Update version 1.16. These creatures resemble floating bags of jelly with small hairs on the side of their head. They’re impervious to lava, and while riding them, it is easy to travel through the Nether’s heavily lava-infested areas. The first thing you will need to do is create a saddle so you can ride one, but you also need a warped fungus to help lure and lead the strider while riding it.

Finding a saddle will be the tricky part. You can find it in a chest in the dungeon, bastion remnant, desert temple, end city, jungle temple, nether fortress, stronghold, or a village. A chest from the dungeon has the highest chance for you to find a saddle at 28 percent. With a saddle in your inventory, make your way over to the Nether using a Nether Portal, and you can set out to create a warped fungus on a stick. It works the same way you use a carrot on a stick for a pig.

The warped fungus grows in the warped fungus Nether biome. The blocks in this biome are eerily blue, and you should plenty of small blue and orange fungi on the ground. Harvest one and attach it to a fishing rod to create a warped fungus on a stick. In the same warped fungus biome, you should be able to find striders nearby. They regularly roam and spawn in these locations. Take your saddle out and attach it to the back of your chosen strider, and you can now ride it similar to other mounted animals.

Your strider will move around as it wishes until you use the warped fungus on a stick in front of it to direct it. The item has a set amount of durability that causes the strider to boost forward and walk at an increased speed, so make sure to keep an eye on how much is left while you guide your new mount around.