How to safely hunt boars in Age of Empires IV

Meet the hunger demands of your civilization.

Image via Relic Entertainment

There are several methods for your civilization to obtain food in Age of Empires IV. If you’re looking to acquire a large amount of food, you’ll want to take down a boar, a large animal you can find wandering around the wild. Unfortunately, unlike deer or sheep, boars fight back, and they can prove to be too dangerous for a single villager. Here’s what you need to do to hunt boars in Age of Empires IV safely.

Overall, you want to avoid using your standard villagers to take down a boar. We had much more success using one of the basic Spearman or Archers to defeat them. The Boars have four armor to melee and ranged attacks, and their tusks do 15 damage. In comparison, a villager has no armor, and their bows typically do only five damage.

You want to take a small group of five to six starting army units to hunt down the boar. While a soldier might take some damage from the animal, it’s a lot easier to take them down with a standard military unit than relying on regular villagers to defeat them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you take them down, you can choose to build a Mill next to the carcass or have your Scouts bring them back to your camp if you’ve researched the Professional Scouts upgrade from a Mill. That upgrade costs 75 wood and 275 gold.