How to save in Colossal Cave

Make sure you don’t lose your progress.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you advance through the deep caves and caverns of Colossal Cave, you might feel like you are getting closer and closer to danger. Though the game uses a point mechanic to judge your playthrough, you can always just save and load your game to avoid trouble. However, if you are playing Mouse Only mode, you might need help to open the menu and save. So, here is how you can save in Colossal Cave.

How to save in Colossal Cave when playing in Mouse Only mode

To save in Colossal Cave, you just need to open the main menu and select the “Save Game” option. You can open the menu in the Mouse and Keyboard mode by pressing the Esc button on your keyboard.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you are playing the Mouse Only mode, you can open the menu by double left-clicking the screen. Now, just select the Save Game option and use one of the many save slots. There are 21 save slots you can use to make sure you don’t lose your progress in Colossal Cave.

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It seems that there is no disadvantage to abusing the save system. The points you get at the end of the game will not be lower if you save and load, so use it to your heart’s content. There are many moments when you will probably abuse the save system, but since there are so many save slots and no repercussions, you should probably use it. There are also no achievements for not saving and loading.

Colossal Cave is a reimagining of the popular text-based adventure game Colossal Cave Adventure. It takes the story and cave exploration aspects of that game and turns it into an action-adventure point and click game, where you get to see the mysteries and puzzles hidden in this massive cavern system.