How To Manually Save in Dragon Quest 11 for Nintendo Switch


Just like in previous versions of the game, the save function in Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch is still confusing and a little backward when compared to other games coming out this year.

Instead of just having a menu option to manually save your progress at any point during your adventure through Erdrea, you will instead need to hunt down and interact with specific areas in the game to save. This doesn’t hurt the gameplay experience, but it is still incredibly annoying and not explained well early on.

Here is a short explanation of how to go about making sure you can manually save your precious data, so there aren’t any issues when you need to take a break.

How To Manually Save in Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition

Throughout the map, you will find camps scattered about, which can be used for multiple things. But the most useful thing that is present at nearly every camp in the game is an object called a Sacred Stone.

These objects permanently work as a way to heal your party, mess around with skills, and, most importantly, manually save your game’s progress. The option, labeled Confession, has a side note that displays the word save on it, letting players know they are in the right place.

This is a common term used in most recent titles from the Dragon Quest series, turning the word confession into the equivalent of saving your game by ensuring the God of Light and other good deities know your work is being done.

You can also go to a church in any of the towns or other civilized areas of the game and talk to a priest that is usually stationed outside. Those NPCs give you the same options and are relatively easy to locate.

Auto-saves keep this from being a huge issue, but not being able to save or even check your party’s experience without trekking to a set location doesn’t feel modern at all.

There are some aspects of Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition that feels dated and out of place, even though it is the best version of the game out right now.