How to save in Samurai Warriors 5

Don’t lose your hard fought progress.


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Samurai Warrior 5 is a fast-paced musou game that not only has some incredibly satisfying battles to fight your way through. It’s also packed with base management mechanics, an RPG style upgrade system, and even relationships between characters to maintain. But, frustratingly, it’s not clear when the game saves your progress, which can lead to a lot of repetition. This guide covers how to save your progress in Samurai Warriors 5, so you never have to repeat yourself.

How to save

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The way to save manually in Samurai Warriors 5 is through the Settings option in the main menu. Here, you’ll find an option to save where you can create a new save or overwrite your current one.

Saving is also automatic in Samurai Warriors 5 across all versions of the game. However, this autosave feature only functions between certain activities. For example, the game will save your progress as soon as you finish a battle in Musou or Citadel mode, but it won’t save your actions if you buy items from the shop, upgrade a character in any way, not even if you upgrade a building. Therefore, the only way to ensure that your progress is saved is by completing all of the actions you want to before playing a battle.

The game saves as you load into the character select screen for a battle and straight after a battle is complete. If you’ve just finished a battle and want to spend some time upgrading buildings and characters before you finish, make sure you start a battle before you turn the game off. Get through to the character screen, and then your progress will be saved. Alternatively, do everything you want to do before starting the last battle of your current session, then turn the game off after that battle is over.