How to save Kelly in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Looking after the staff.

Yeoman Kelly Chambers might not be part of your active, playable crew in Mass Effect 2 but most players still grow quite fond of her over the course of the campaign. Kelly acts as something of an assistant for the Commander, keeping forgetful players clued in about who and what needs their attention at any given moment.

Unfortunatley, Kelly is one of the characters that can die at the end of the game, so players will want to make sure that they keep the Yeoman alive. After players go to steal an IFF code from a derelict Reaper, it will kick of a chain of events that puts their entire crew at risk.

Players will then need to decide between attacking the collector base, or trying to stay getting prepared for it. The only way to save Kelly is to head for the collector base straight away. Each mission that players complete between the kidnapping of the crew and their arrival at the base means they will lose another crew member. To make matters more awkward for Kelly, she is the first person on the chopping block if the Collectors start working their way through the crew.

By making their way to the Collector base as quickly as possible, players can save Kelly, but they will want to make sure they have all the loyalty missions finished before they head for to get the IFF code if they hope to keep their entire crew alive.