How to save the Quarian in time and recruit Tali’Zorah in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Welcome aboard.

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After defeating Fist in Chora’s Den in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, he reveals to you that he set up the Quarian looking to expose evidence against Saren. He told her that he would be creating a face-to-face meeting with the Shadow Broker, a lie, and it will be with Saren’s men. You have four minutes to make it to the Quarian before they’re lost, and there are several enemies between you and them.

How to save the Quarian

Your primary goal is to make it from Chora’s Den to the Alleyway in the Upper Wards. You can make it to this location by going through the bar, and then taking the door to the left.

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It’s not a far trek, but several new enemies are blocking you from getting there. You’ll have to take care of them to get to the location in time. Upon arriving at the meeting, the Quarian will be meeting with multiple assassins. Once it becomes apparent that the deal is going sour, the Quarian will toss a grenade on them, and you have to jump in to assist.

After all of the fighting is over, you and the Quarian can speak with one another. Her name is Tali’Zorah nar Rayya, often shortened to Tali. When the conversation is over, you can take her back to the Human Embassy, where Captain Anderson and Ambassador Udina are waiting for you. You can present to them the evidence and reveal to the council that Saren has been plotting to betray them.

Should you recruit Tali’Zorah?

Shortly after presenting the evidence to Anderson and Udina, Tali’Zorah asks to join your crew. You have the option to accept or refuse her. Tali’Zorah becomes a future party member in Mass Effect 2, and her experience in this game with Shepard carries over to the next game, and for the rest of the series. We highly recommend adding her to your crew. She’s an excellent tech specialist and a close-quarters combat specialist.