How to save your game in Trek to Yomi

Save often to save yourself a headache.

Screenshot via Devolver Digital YouTube

As you venture through Trek to Yomi, you’ll experience a story rife with death. Most of the time, it’ll be you dealing out death to your foes, but depending on what difficulty you’re playing on, you might occasionally find yourself on the receiving end of death. The game has no autosave, so if you die after having not saved for quite a while (or simply quit out without saving), you might end up having to repeat whole sections of the game just to get back to where you were before. Luckily, you can easily save your progress by interacting with any of the shrines found throughout the game.

Unfortunately, the shrines themselves blend in pretty well with the levels; they don’t exactly stand out. If you’re looking to save your game, keep an eye out for smaller, house-like structures that have candles and pots in front of them — these are the shrines. As you approach them, you should see an on-screen icon indicating you can interact with the shrine. Hit the interact button, and your progress will be saved. If you die after this point, you’ll be sent back to this shrine, as it was the last one you saved at.

Aside from simply recording your progress, saving also serves another key purpose: it fully restores your health. Given that you can easily die in one or two hits on Trek to Yomi’s higher difficulties, we highly recommend you save at every shrine you see. It doesn’t hurt to have your health maxed out before going into battle, and you never know when a tricky enemy or boss might rear its head.

Hiroki stands in front of a shrine
Screenshot by DoubleXP