How to Scan Enemies in Jedi: Fallen Order


Learning about enemies in Jedi: Fallen Order gives players insight on how to best approach them during an encounter, and how to fight them. You do not get the ability to scan enemies immediately, though. You need to gain BD-1 as a companion and have him rest on Cal’s back first.

When you get the chance to scan an enemy, you need first to fight and defeat it for BD-1 to successfully scan it. To do it, hit down on the directional pad. There is a new entry in the tactical guide in the menu main for players to read.

To access the Tactical Guide, open up the main menu, and it’s one of the larger options at the top. It’s right next to the Settings option. Inside of it, find the planet the creature is on and open it up. It should have a brief entry about how the enemy reacts in combat, and some tips on how to properly fight it. For example, the entry about Bog Rats found on Bogano details how they burrow into the ground to serve as a deception before they attack. They’re also easy to parry with Cal’s lightsaber.

Make sure to visit these entries after engaging enemies, and remember to have BD-1 scan anything the player takes down for the first time. Learning how to fight particular enemies makes it easier to face in the future.