How to Earn a Score of 8000 or Higher on a T Course in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

A new Tour is underway in Mario Kart Tour, and there are plenty of new challenges to complete. One of them is to earn a score of 8000 or higher on a T course. T courses are easy to spot because the end with the letter T. These are tricker versions of courses, which is good news for this challenge.

These tricker courses contain more obstacles and ways to add to a combos in them so you can have higher scores. The following actions during a race will help you build up a combo:

  • Having a higher driver, vehicle, or glider level
  • Hitting other drivers with items while playing
  • Collecting coins
  • Hitting a drift to get a boost
  • Preforming a jump boost
  • Finishing at a higher placement, such as first

You can give yourself a good headstart by finding a T course you can use an already leveled driver, glider, and kart because these will award you highers points to your total.

The real trick is to build up the largest combo that you can, by threading lots of smaller actions like jumping, drifting, and using items and picking up coins. These actions give you large multipliers, easily letting you hit that 8000 points mark. Also, it might take you just a few turns around the course to learn where everything is and how to get the best score. Keep practicing until you break the 8000 score barrier.

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