How to score points in Pokémon Unite

Aim for victory.


Image via Pokémon Unite’s YouTube

You and your teammates in Pokémon Unite will be working together to defeat wild Pokémon and defeat the enemy team’s Pokémon to earn Aeos points. These points are then transferred to the enemy team’s side, where you score points. Naturally, you want to score more points than the enemy team to be the winner of the game. Therefore, it’s critical to understand how to best score points effectively to ensure you’re keeping ahead of everyone and contributing to your team’s success. In this guide, we’re going to break down how to score points in Pokémon Unite.

You can see how many Aeos points you’ve acquired during the match, right at the center of the Pokéball on the bottom of your screen. You want to take those points to the enemy’s goalpost, hold the ‘X’ button on your Nintendo Switch, and then dunk them to lower the health points of your enemy’s goalpost. Once the goalpost reaches zero, it’s destroyed, removing the speed flux between those two lanes on the enemy’s side, allowing you to go for the next goalpost.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are five goalposts you can aim for on the enemy’s side of the map. When you’re near a goalpost, you can see how many points it has left before it’s destroyed.

The best way to score points is to spend time battling wild Pokémon in the arena or defeating enemy Pokémon. Enemy Pokémon will offer more points, and they also drop some of the Aeos points they’ve been collecting. However, they’re significantly stronger, so you may have to ambush them or coordinate with your teammates to take them down. There are also legendary in the middle of the map, and boss Pokémon that appear on the southern portion also offers points. Again, we highly recommend work with teammates to defeat them.