How to sell Ore in Starbase

Ore for sale!

Image via Frozenbyte

Mining Ore is one of the quickest ways to acquire money in the PC MMO Starbase. There are two ways you can sell your hard-earned Ore to start rapidly progressing in the game.

Ore Towers

Ore towers are located on the left and right of the refill station, as well as the upper part of the space station near the Asteroid Delivery Zone. If you have been through the tutorial, you should have visited these already — they are tall and easy to spot, with a purple sign that has Ore Storage on them. There are plenty of platforms for you to land on, which are located above and below the station. Depending on how busy your station is, you may have to wait until there is an available platform.

You will want to tether to the platform of your choice with the F key; then, access the information hub and find the ship cargo menu to begin selling your Ore individually, or you can select Sell All to unload it in the quickest way possible. The Ore Towers are the quickest way to unload your excess ore, but you aren’t guaranteed to make the most profit from this method. You are also able to refuel your ship if you are attached to an Ore Tower to help you save time.


Auctions are the next way to sell your ore. You can do this by either going to the Auction House, which is located in the market, or by pressing the comma (,) key. This will allow you to select which ores you would like to sell. You should also be able to “stack” your ores for sale by selecting Single Listing on the Sell menu and clicking the right mouse button to select how many ores you want, then set your price. The rarer the ore (Arkanium, Corazium, Xhalium), the better off you will be at selling them at auction.

You can check what your ore is worth by going to your storage and looking at the price of each item. Use it to set a standard of what you want your ore to be sold at, but don’t undersell it by too much. You are looking to make a profit, and you will be automatically losing 10% of the sale price when it is sold, which makes some ores (like Ice) may not be worth selling at Auction.