How to set a screen in NBA 2K21 MyCareer

Remove all pesky defenders from your beloved teammates.

What separates MyCareer in NBA 2K21 from other modes is that you really have to find the smallest of edges to succeed. You don’t have to drop a triple-double to receive an A+ teammate grade, nor do you have to be a defensive brick wall. What can help you, especially if you’re new to the series, is assisting other players towards the spotlight. Screens are a great way to do this, as you can block the ball handler’s opponents from defending them so that your teammate can go to the hoop.

Each button for each platform

Although, you may have found yourself confused as to how to set them. The reason being that setting a screen doesn’t use the same controls as calling for one when you have the ball. You can call for a screen just by pressing the front-right trigger, but setting one takes some work.

When your player is on off-ball offense, head to the defender that you desire to screen. Make sure that you have completely stopped moving, and then press Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox users). Switch users will use the A button on the Joy-Con.

How big of an effect does it have on the letter-grade?

As a result, you will potentially land some hefty boosts to your game’s grade. There’s a number of reasons why. First, the screen itself is counted as a great defensive play, and so a small rise in the letter-grade bar is practically guaranteed.

Secondly, if you have a decent team, the teammate with the ball should be smart enough to go score an open bucket, which the game calls a “screen assist.” This is what you mainly want to look for. With each screen assist, your bar will fill up about halfway – or as much as a typical assist.