How to set a skeleton on fire in Sea of Thieves

Burn the bones.

Image via Rare

Fire in any game is problematic, causing damage over time to your character and potentially getting them burned. In Sea of Thieves, fire is even more deadly because it can occur when you’re on a ship, and if your vessel catches fire, you’ll find yourself sinking, and then in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by sharks. You want to avoid it as much as possible, but many of the enemies you fight can also catch on fire, such as the skeletons.

There are multiple ways to set a skeleton on fire in Sea of Thieves. A simple way to do it is to take the firebomb cannonball from your ship, carry it in your inventory, and then toss it at a skeleton. You’ll have to hit the skeleton for the firebomb to explode and cause the fire damage. All players should receive a firebomb on their ship, and it should be in the cannonball barrel. To receive more of these, you’ll have to loot them from fighting other skeleton ships or fire them inside of chests scattered all over islands.

Another way to light them on fire is to use an Ashen Winds Skull, which you receive from completing an Ashen Lords World Event, or by completing the final leg of the Legendary Stash of Powder and Arms voyage. It operates as if it were a flamethrower, so you’ll have to get a little closer to use on a skeleton and set them ablaze. Unfortunately, by using the skull, you diminish its value, so it won’t net you as much gold when you turn it in to an emissary, but it still fetches you a reasonable price.

You can also use an explosive Chest of Rage to set a skeleton on fire, but that might be a bit more complicated. The Chest of Rage needs to be cooled off, or it will explode, and when it does, it causes an area of effect of destruction. If you and your crewmates happen to have one on board while fighting skeleton, consider throwing it at the group to have it take out a few while you fight the others, but don’t be too close to it.

Sea of Thieves players will need to set skeletons on fire to complete several challenges in-game, and some of them are weekly ones, so keep your options open about the fastest and best way to complete these tasks.